The Shed BBQ - Grand Opening

The Shed BBQ
1816 E 6th Street
Austin, TX 78702
In the parking lot of Rabbit's Lounge.

At a SXSW Recovery party the Sunday following SXSW, I was introduced to Brett by our mutual friend Joe. He's the owner of the The Shed BBQ. Joe mentioned that I ran the website and reviewed BBQ joints. After a few pleasantries and the exchange of a few ideas on what makes BBQ great, he asked me to come by and check out the The Shed on their Grand Opening. This was my first invite to try a BBQ place since I've been working on, so I had to take up the offer. So Thursday after our softball game, Mike and I headed up there. It was dark and I didn't have my camera handy to take pictures, sorry. This location is the first in Texas for the Shed, they are mainly based in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.

The Shed is pretty much what it's namesake implies, it's a mobile BBQ Trailer and Smoker. It's newly built, but with it's corrugated tin exterior and general setup they are really trying to invoke "the shed" look. It's located in the parking lot of Rabbit's Lounge on 6th and Chicon. Their menu is a bit limited, as they only serve BBQ sandwiches it seems right now. Pulled Pork, Pulled Brisket, and Chicken. The have a plate combination that comes with 2 sides. You have a choice of Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, and Coleslaw. I was told that this is Mississippi style BBQ, which I can say that I'm not totally familiar with.

I tried the Pulled Pork Sandwich, which was recommended as "what we are known for", with Potato Salad and Baked Beans. I mean that's about a classic of a combination as you can have. The first observation I had was that the sandwich was stacked full of meat. Big thumbs up! I like that they are trying to give you your money's worth. As Mike pointed out, the buns were your run of the mill buns. He pointed out that it would have been nice to have a kolache style bun for sandwich, which I totally agreed with. The pulled pork was very tender and moist, as it should be. None of the dry stringy stuff here. I didn't get a strong sense of a smoke flavor from it, which was a little disappointing. The meat was topped with a really sweet BBQ Sauce, sort of a brown sugar/molassesy flavor. It worked really well with the Pulled Pork. I'm didn't have a chance to try it, but I think it would probably overpower the brisket, as it was a really strong flavor.

The baked beans were quite good as well. You don't typically see baked beans in this area served with BBQ. Being a fan of baked beans in general I thought it worked. They definitely had some of the BBQ sauce mixed in, so they had a really sweet taste to them.

Brett brought out a sampling of the coleslaw for Mike and I to try. I just want to preface this by saying, I'm not a coleslaw fan. It was sort of forgettable to me. It had a bit of a sweet and peppery flavor to me, but all in all it was just coleslaw.

I also sampled some of Mike's Macaroni Salad. It's another thing that you don't see offered at BBQ places in this area. It was pretty good, and will require some more research to really make a judgment on it. I mean it was one bite, not enough to really make an opinion on. Mike seemed to really like it though.

The highlight of the meal and biggest surprise was the Potato Salad. It was should have been billed at Loaded Baked Potato Salad on the whiteboard out front. The first bite had a strange delicious flavor to it that I wasn't expecting. After asking Brett about it, it was Sour Cream. That's when he spilled the beans about what it was. The bacon bits really accented it well, I mean who doesn't like bacon. It was dark while we were eating, so I couldn't tell if had chives or cheese in it (I would assume so, but I could be mistaken), but it wasn't enough for me to taste. I think this side is a must when you come here.

The prices were a little more expensive than I would have anticipated for a sandwich, but still a good value given the amount of food you get. It was all that I could do to get it all down. This is good little spot to get some BBQ sandwiches, grab a few beers at Rabbit's Lounge, and enjoy it with your friends.

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