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So the EatsBBQ Crew got together again for another stop on the BBQ tour of Central Texas. This trip was just a little ways outside of Austin to Elgin, TX home of Meyer's BBQ. Both Elgin BBQ joints are known for their sausages. You can find Meyer's Sausage in a variety of flavors at area HEB's (grocery stores).

Briket and Sausage Plate

I lived outside of Manor, TX for about 7 years, so I was quite familiar with Meyer's. I've eaten there a half dozen times for more. I've got a preference to it over the other establishment in Elgin that we'll review later.

The restaurant is just off of HWY 290 on the South side of the road in the middle of town. Once you get inside, they have a collection of taxidermied wild game. Elk, Deer, Fish, etc. They also have some old equipment used to make sausage on display in the entry area. You also have sausage/meat counter that you can buy sausage by the pound to take home. The ceiling of the meat counter room is lined with all of the competition and awards that Meyer's has won over the years. Quite an impressive amount.

It's really hard to compare different places unless you order similar things at each place. So I ordered Brisket and Garlic Pork Sausage this trip with Potato Salad and Pinto Beans. Pretty standard fare so that I can compare apples to apples. Just wish I had a bigger stomach to try everything everywhere we go. The Brisket was tender and had a good smoke ring on it. It was dry though, but it still maintained a good flavor. All I had to do was use some of the vinegary Hot Sauce they had on the tables to add some moisture back. They also had two other kinds of BBQ that were a more traditional thickness and flavor.

The sausage was served as two links together. This was by far the best sausage that we've had on our tour. It had a really good consistency and texture. It was nice and juicy just like it's supposed to be. You didn't get an overwhelming garlic flavor like I was afraid we might. It was really good on it's own, but a combo of the thick BBQ sauce and the vinegary sauce we quite nice on it.

I tried some of Carrie's pork ribs and they were quite tasty as well. They had great flavor and weren't tough. Then again it's hard to make a pork rib tough.

The potato salad and pinto beans were just so so. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. They are pretty much what you would expect at a Texas BBQ joint.

All in all I think the Brisket and sides missed the mark today, but the sausage and the vinegary hot sauce were right on.

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