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I stopped in at Opie's BBQ in Spicewood, TX on my trip home for Christmas break. I've been driving past it (and the old location) for a number of years, and I haven't ever taken the time to stop in and try it out.

The outside didn't seem to match what I was anticipating on the inside. It was a wide open dining area, that was quite clean with a picnic tables and mesquite framed chairs. I was greeted by someone at the door and asked if I had been there before. They then opened the large steel door to a warming pit that all of the meat was served out of. Definitely a nice view, but I had my camera stowed away under a slew of presents so I didn't get it out this trip.

I ordered a sampling of everything but the smoked chicken. Brisket, pork loin, 1 baby back rib, and 1/4 link of sausage were what I got. It turned out to be a more than I could eat of course.

They had quite a few sides available for sale. There were several that caught my eye (specifically the tater tot casserole), but I wasn't there for the sides. I was even more tempted when I reached the desserts, but I was a good boy this time. They also served up free beans, onions, pickles, jalapenos, sauce, and bread on a different island.

The brisket was very moist and tender. It ended up up being more shredded brisket when I took my fork to it. It was good, but it didn't seem to have a lot of smoke flavor in it. It seemed to be the theme of the meal, just not enough smoke flavor coming through in the meats. The pork loin had a great peppery crust on the outside of it that had some great flavor, but I think it may have been the victim of the warming pit. It ended up really dry, and you had to dip it in sauce to eat it, which was a blessing and a curse. The sauce was a thin vinegary sweet sauce, I liked it a lot. As for the rib, it was properly tender but not falling off the bone. It was done just right. I was really sort of disappointed with the sausage that I got. It seemed to me that it was just prepackaged German sausage and warmed up. Not much smoke flavor to speak of at all, but it was moist and cooked well.

I would also like to mention that the owners, Tom and Kristin Ashmore were quite friendly and welcoming to place.

All in all I think Opie's a good BBQ joint, but with so many other excellent choices in the Hill Country they just don't measure up to the elite. If you are in the area, it's above your average BBQ joint and you should stop in.

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Ray Pierce

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