Railroad BBQ in Machaca

Railroad BBQ
727 FM 1626
Manchaca, Texas 78652

I went with my friend Andy to pick up some Railroad BBQ for dinner this past Thursday. He's talked about this place before, but I've not had the opportunity to go down there until now. We were just getting a to go order to feed everyone before we watch Tron: Legacy at this house.

When you drive up, you know this isn't a large operation just because there wasn't much parking available. Although the parking that was there was completely filled. It's just a simple corrugated tin building with the kitchen on one end and the dining area on the other. Once we got inside we quickly found out what was filling the parking lot. There was about 20 people playing various instruments and singing in what appeared to be a regular jam session. Oddest thing was that they weren't playing very loud at all, you could carry on conversation at normal levels. That just struck me as odd.

We ordered a pound of pretty much everything and quart of potato salad and banana pudding. The lady taking our order said it would be a while and gave us a couple of free drinks, that were very much appreciated.

Once we got our order back home we dug in. The brisket had a good smoke ring on it, and a good mesquite smoke flavor. The meat wasn't as tender as I would have liked to see, but it wasn't tough. You still needed a knife to cut through it though. The turkey had an awesome smoke flavor and was really moist. I think it was my favorite part of the meal. The sausage links that we got came in two's. The blend was fine enough for me and it had a good casing on it. The sauce they served had a lot of smoke flavor to it, but it reminded me more of store bought KC Masterpiece or Kraft, as it was quite thick.

The potato salad was pretty good. It was chunky, and a bit sweeter than I was expecting. Still quite good. As for the banana pudding, I heard that it was good. I don't like bananas so I didn't try it.

All in all it was solid barbeque, I wouldn't turn it down if it were offered to me.

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Ray Pierce

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