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I met up with Chris, Evie, and Douglas Bowman for brunch BBQ at Franklin's today. The crowd was just as I was anticipating. Snaking from the front door, down the access ramp, and the length of the building anticipating its opening. Luckily Chris had save me a spot in line (I'm sorry to those behind me, I don't like it anymore than you.)

There was a nice couple (Bruce and his wife) from Lago Vista in line behind us, who also happen to be readers of the site. Chris had told them about our attempts to find the best BBQ in Texas. I talked with them quite a bit while we worked our way through the line. They had driven in just for this, and were about to make some BBQ deliveries to their kids on the way back out. How awesome would that be to have Franklin's BBQ delivered to you instead of waiting in line?

One of the things that Chris and I noticed was that Franklin's had added a wax paper addition to their menu for Turkey. That's a great addition to their menu. While Aaron was cutting, I chatted with him a bit about the new operation there. He said that while they had three smokers now, they were really only using two fully. He said that they did it by changing the scheduling of when the meat was done. He said that they try to get their briskets done by 4:00am, and then put on the ribs. By doing that they doubled the amount of ribs they were able to serve compared to the old location. He also said that they've been able double all of their other meat production from the old trailer location. He also mentioned that they were up to about 30 briskets a day now. That seems like a lot, but with the kind of lines you see there, it only delays the sell out until about 1:00pm.

The brisket this time seemed to have a thicker bark on it. It may have been the cut, but I liked it. The slices that I had seemed to have a cavity that a lot of the rub had gotten into. So that flavor permeated the brisket a lot. Think of it like an injection into the meat. You can see some of it in the pictures. And like always, the meat was really tender and only needs a fork to eat it.

As for the turkey, it's only been being served since Friday. So three days in to the new menu item, and it looks and tastes really good. He said that he's still working on it and is making tweaks to it. It was quite moist when I first got it, but it dried out a bit towards the end of my meal. Not sure that there's anything you can do about though. It carried a great flavor and the rub on the outside wasn't over powering. There were a few bites that were a bit salty, but that's to be expected. It's something that I'll order again I guarantee. Let's hope that Aaron gets in dialed in to perfection before my next trip.

Great job again!

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