House Park BBQ

Chris and I made our way to House Park BBQ on Friday. It's taken us a while to get there because we never remember to have cash on us and it's only at lunch. So we planned ahead a little and made sure that we had both things in order.

The building looks like it's been there forever. When we rolled up, you could smell the smoke coming off of the pit. That's always a great smell to me. There is quite a lot of paraphernalia on the walls that's been there a long while and has absorbed the the smoke. Most of it has a smoky yellow patina to it. The stove behind the counter looks as if it had been there since the 1920's.

The day we were there, they had the combo plate on special, so that we indulged in it. I grabbed the brisket and sausage, while Chris grabbed the brisket and pork loin. The brisket had a great flavor and was pretty tender. It was a very lean brisket though. If there wasn't sauce ladled over it, it would have been pretty dry. The sausage was a good grind, but it lacked in flavor. There was nothing about it, that would make me long for it. Chris' pork loin was tender and moist, but lacked flavor as well. The plates come with mustard potato salad, large cut coleslaw, and pinto beans. The potato salad was good, it had some peppers in it that gave it a good flavor. I'm not a coleslaw fan to begin with, so I won't even try to review it. The beans were good, I think they were cooked with some of the BBQ sauce to give them a little different flavor. The BBQ sauce itself was a little thin, but wasn't fully stained so there was some of the puree that a bit chunky. It had a good flavor, and worked well to cover up the dryness of the brisket.

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Ray Pierce

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