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In line, sitting next to you, and reading this blog: Thank you.

One of the great things about going to all of the BBQ places are the people you meet.

Today for example, we sat next to a gentleman, who’s name I didn’t catch, that was very friendly and started up a conversation with us.  He commented on how many people were taking pictures of their food, as I was taking snapshots for my latest posting (Smitty’s Market in Lockhart). He told us of how Smitty’s came to be in it’s current incarnation, and some of the back story about what went on and how the other place (Kreuz Market) came to be.  Information that I knew of, but didn’t know in that detail.

As another example, I frequent Franklin BBQ quite often here in Austin. When you are sitting and waiting in line for the hours it takes to get food, you get to know the people that are sitting in line next to you and around you. You share your experiences with them, and them with you. I’ve spoken with several people that read my original blog post about Franklin BBQ and decided to give it a try based of it. That is a really humbling experience.

The conversations and interactions with the people that wait in line with you, eat next to you, and are the consumers of these blogs are a treasure to get to talk to. The friendliness and knowledge that they share are what makes this worth doing.

FCGB write up

Full Custom Gospel BBQ’s write up of this weekend’s BBQ Roundtable. I’m actually in a picture!

Flickr Photo Group

The crew that we usually bring with us on our outing seems to really like to take pictures of their food, so I thought I would be an enabler. So I got industrious and created a Flickr photo group for EatsBBQ. My intention is to share pictures from other people’s visits to the awesome Central Texas BBQ joints.

So get busy taking pictures at your favorite Central Texas BBQ joints.

Ray and the EatsBBQ Crew